Surviving the UOW IT Project (Part 1)

Benjamin Darbyshire and Stewart Wilson 2 April 2016 9:30 AM

All students completing any one of the UOW IT based degrees will have the option to take part in a year long subjected based around a real life project. Before 2016, the subject was compulsory for all students but has since been made an option. It is arguably one of the hardest, yet fulfilling subjects that you have the option of doing. Hair will be lost, sleep will little (especially by the end) and by the end, you’ll just want it to be over. However, the feeling of accomplishment once Tradeshow is over is one of the best feelings ever.

Getting work experience without getting work experience

James Rule 4 March 2016 8:34 PM

People put a lot of value in work experience and industry placement. This is a good thing as this sort of experience provides practical hands on experience in the environment which the majority of IT and Comp/Sci students anticipate they will work in after their degree. However, there is also some danger with this logic because it assumes you need to be in the “industry” to get hands on experience. This is certainly true for most professions, but what do you need before you can do work in IT?